Game Concept – First Post


I will use this blog to document the development process of creating and hopefully publishing a tabletop board game based on my favorite sport – Kickball!

In this first post you will find a brief overview of the concepts that I’m currently working with, but, as it is still in (very) early development, nothing is yet set in stone.

Thanks for checking out the blog and I would absolutely love to hear any feedback about the game or website.



Game Concept:

Working Title: Kickball All-Stars

The game of bunting, banging, booting, and boozing.

Genre: Party game

Mechanic: Rock, paper, scissors with a wrinkle.

Sub mechanic: Inebriation, as your player in the game drinks beer he/she will be become more prone to errors. Note: you don’t have to drink to play, but it’s encouraged.

Players: 2-7

*There will be a variant for 2 players*

Very Brief overview:

Each player begins the game with four cards: Bunt, Bang, Boot, and Booze.

These are what you will use to kick and defend. They will never be discarded.

A successful Bunt results in a single, a Bang results in a double, a Boot results in a triple, and Booze, well, Booze gives the player a beer.

Any time you gain points while kicking or defending successfully draw that many cards from the Fun Deck. At the end of the game the player with the most cards in their hand will be crowned the MVP of the Kickball All-Star game.


The players take turns acting as the kicker, while the rest of the players form the defense. At the beginning of each players kick, they choose whether to attempt a single, a double, a triple or home run. Each is worth an increasing amount of points.

If the kick is succeeds (e.g. the player advances the amount of bases they were attempting or more), then the kicking player wins and gets to draw cards from the Fun Deck equal to the number of points he/she earned based on the kick attempted. These cards may be amplifiers that can make certain kicks better, more difficult to defend, or be extra victory points.

All other players act as the defense for that round. The defense discusses what the player might try to do to have a successful kick. Each player then plays 1 of their 4 base cards face down in front of them. If the card matches the card of the kicker, then the kicker will be out and the defense wins!

*Amplifier cards may change the outcome*

If the defense successfully defends, then everyone on the defense gains 1 point (e.g. draws 1 card).

The kicking player will always chooses their kick after the defense has all played there cards, so that they can decide based on what they can infer from the conversation while the defenders were selecting their cards.

Mechanic – Booze

On offense:

The kicking player may, after listening to the defense, decide to play his/her booze card instead of a kick if they don’t believe they will be able to succeed in their kick. If he/she does, then the kicking player automatically gains 1 point and draws a card. They also must add 1 beer to their player.

On defense:

Any player may play a booze card face down instead of a kicking card. If the defense is successful, then they will gain an additional point and add a beer to their character.

If the kicking player uses booze, then only defensive players who played booze will gain 1 point and add a beer to their character.

After kicking successfully, you must roll. If your roll is less than or equal to your level of inebriation, then your kick will fail. In this event only players who played booze on defense will gain 1 point.

If you defend successfully with  busing a Bunt, Bang, or Boot card, then you must also roll. If your roll is less than or equal to your inebriation, then the kick will succeed. If multiple players defended correctly, then all must roll. The kick will only succeed if all defenders who played the correct card fail their drunk check.

End of the game:

At the end of the game, after each player has kicked a pre determined number of times (innings) whoever has the most cards in their hand (points) wins.

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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