Headshots-2 Frydman


My name is Jake Frydman and I have been obsessed with games for as long I can remember. In elementary school it didn’t matter whether I was dominating my peers in Connect Four or Four Square, so long as I was playing games.

Growing up I satiated my growing appetite for competition and gaming, of both the athletic and tabletop variety, by pairing Magic: the Gathering and Soccer.

In college, I dropped both games competitively and filled the void in my life by playing approximately 600 games of Settlers of Catan with my roommates. My introduction to designer board games.

It was a dark time in my life, but hey, we had a blast and didn’t know so many other awesome games were out there.

Now that I’m an “adult,” not much has changed. I coach soccer part time and still try to get the occasional MTG draft in.

More recently, I accidentally discovered modern board games while Christmas shopping for my S.O.’s parents, and, as I am wont to do, I dove in head first.

Now I’m designing a game of my own combining my passion for sports with tabletop games — trying to anyways. I’m also using this blog to share my experience and impressions of board games as I try them

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my blog Chicken Fryd Games.

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